American Idol: Where are they now? Latoya London




    <p><span></span> <strong>Name: Latoya London</strong><br />

Season: 3
Placed: 4th

Q: You're in a new band, Urban Punk, how did that all come about?
A: Well I'm young and funky, so I wanted to have some fun. I was having fun before, but I wanted to show another side of me. My rapper friend H20 approached me with this group, so there's us two and a DJ. She rocks out in the back, H2O does the rap parts, and I sing and dance -- it's fun.

Q: Are you still pursuing Broadway roles?
A: Urban Punk is the focus right now. I'll always sing the big Whitney-esque ballads, and I still want to act. But the play scene is very time-consuming. Acting on TV and in film does free your time up a little, so I'd love to do that.

Q: What's been you greatest post-Idol achievement?
A: Getting The Color Purple. I was an Idol correspondent for E! My 2005 album was in the Billboard Top 200. I did The Color Purple for three years and finished it in February 2010. Then Urban Punk happened.

Q: Are you in contact with anyone from Idol?
A: I talk to George Huff and Jasmine Trias. Fantasia I speak to now and then. Jennifer Hudson and I text back and forth. With our busy schedules, we do reach out to check if we're still breathing.

Q: Are you still married?
A: No, I'm single. I had two stepkids while I was on Idol, but my husband and I separated, and I'm now single and divorced. I did Idol in '04 and around October we separated. By the end of that year, my divorce was final. We're still friends, and I still keep in touch with him and the kids.

Q: Do you like the new judges?
A: Yeah, you can tell Jennifer [Lopez] is real and has a great personality. Steven [Tyler] is so cool, with an edge and experience. They all definitely click, and it's nice to see Randy [Jackson] up there too -- at least there is one thing consistent.

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