Why Elisha Cuthbert Thinks Gwen Stefani Is "Rad"

Elisha cuthbert gwen stefani

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Want to learn a bit more about Happy Endings star Elisha Cuthbert? We've got you covered!

In an all-new My Life, My Style, Elisha talks to Life & Style and answers some of our burning questions. Which star's style does she love? Fave karaoke song? Find out below!

A star whose style I love is...
Gwen Stefani. She's so rad. Like, if you could call anyone rad, it's Gwen Stefani.

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My go-to karaoke song is...
"Under Pressure" by David Bowie and Freddie Mercury. I do both parts; I think I'm the bomb.

My latest splurge was on...
A Chanel bag. I saved up and bought one on my 30th birthday.

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