A picture is worth a thousand words. In this case, this photo of fashion designer Donatella Versace arriving in São Paulo, Brazil on Tuesday is worth a million.

So let’s highlight the most interesting bits, shall we?

1. Did she apply too much moisturizer? Is she just sweaty? Is it a mixture of both?

donatella plastic surgery face

We’re not sure, but we feel moved to buy her a lifetime supply of oil absorbing sheets. Any brand will do.

2. Her matching skin color and hair hue.

donatella plastic surgery face

Where does her hairline even begin? Just sayin’.

3. Oh, and her matching brows.

donatella plastic surgery face

Perhaps that’s why Kim Kardashian was inspired to bleach her own.

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4. The duck face.

donatella plastic surgery face

Basic biddies, step aside. Learn from the master.


donatella plastic surgery face


6. The people in the background, who should be looking for their clients, but have frozen in time because they can’t believe they’re actually witnessing such a mystical presence.

donatella plastic surgery face

We’re with you, folks.

ALWAYS REMEMBER: Pre-plastic surgery Donatella looks exactly like Val Kilmer. (Thank you for this gem, In Touch.)

donatella versace plastic surgery face