In the new issue of Life & Style, series creator of 7th Heaven, Brenda Hampton, says she would like to include Stephen Collins in any reunion with the cast — even after his shocking sex-abuse scandal.

In an exclusive interview, Brenda says she wouldn’t write Stephen, who played the Rev. Eric Camden, out of any reunion. “I would include him,” she says. “I think all the actors would like to do a reunion show. It would be really fun!”

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When news broke in 2014 that Stephen had inappropriate sexual contact with three minors before the show ever aired, everyone was stunned.

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“I didn’t see [the scandal] coming,” 7th Heaven’s executive in charge of casting, Pamela Shae, explains. “I was very, very shocked.”

Others in the cast and crew don’t agree with Brenda and would rather not have Stephen involved. In September, two years after the actor admitted molesting and exposing himself to young girls from 1973 to 1994, Catherine Hicks (who played on-screen wife Annie Camden for 11 seasons) said she’d only do a reboot if Stephen’s character were killed off.

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“I think Catherine was caught off guard and said something off the top of her head,” Brenda insists. The scandal, she says, is “so personal, [it’s] none of my business.”

Yet Pamela admits his return could pose a problem. “It’s one of those ethical questions: How is this going to be received?” she asks.

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