It looks like Abby Lee Miller certainly hasn't lost her edge while in prison! She totally shaded her former dance student Mackenzie Ziegler on March 19, all because videos leaked of the 13-year-old allegedly vaping. Watch the video above to see the shocking videos!

"@JusticeForGirl do you sell vapes now?" she asked, probably meaning to tag tween clothing store Justice but actually tagging a random fan account. Mackenzie has her own clothing line with Justice, so Abby was making a direct diss at her possible scandal. Fans certainly didn't miss it, and they were ready to clap back at Abby on Mackenzie's behalf.

"Gurl at least she is not in jail," said one fan. Another agreed and was disappointed in Abby. "It’s never ok to judge people you technically raised @kenzieziegler why do you feel like bashing her it’s not right these are just my thoughts ? sorry if they're rude, but it’s the truth," they wrote. "How is this your business? Let @kenzieziegler live her life and you live yours," said another.

We don't really think the situation is a joking matter, no matter how Abby feels about Mackenzie. We're talking about a 13-year-old using a product that contains highly-addictive nicotine, and potentially creating a habit that could follow her for the rest of her life. Mackenzie claims to be using a Monq, which is simply water vapor mixed with harmless essential oils to do things like relax you and wake you up, but the product she's using in one of the alleged photos doesn't look like a Monq, and the smoke looks too thick to be water vapor. We just hope the young teenager is making healthy choices.

Life & Style has reached out to Mackenzie's mom for comment, and so far has not received a response.