It looks like Catherine Paiz and Austin McBroom are having a summer baby! The 29-year-old mom of (almost) three revealed her son will arrive in June in a YouTube video posted on Wednesday, January 22.

“So I found out I was pregnant in October, around the time my second daughter, Alaïa, turned 1,” she said in the 21-minute video. “I got pregnant towards the end of September, which means today I am 17 weeks and 5 days [pregnant]. So I am almost halfway done … Almost 20 weeks. You guys know you’re pregnant for about 40 to 42 weeks. So that would make my son’s due date June 25th.”

If her son actually arrives on the set due date, that means he will be a Cancer, which Catherine is pretty excited about. “There’s something about Cancers,” she added. “My brother is a Cancer. I don’t know, I just feel like he’s a Cancer. I just feel it. It’s like a feeling that I have.”

Catherine is a pretty intuitive person, so it wouldn’t be surprising if she turns out being right about her baby boy’s astrological sign. After all, she’s manifested everything in her life so far. The vlogger went on to recall about a time when she was 12 and a psychic told her she would have three children and a husband as an athlete, which ended up being true.

“She said, ‘This man is going to be biracial,'” the blonde beauty revealed. “‘So different races. He’s going to be an athlete and you guys are going to be a very powerful family and touch a lot of people’s lives. I see three kids in your future. I don’t know who’s who, but I do know that your last one is going to be a boy,'” Catherine continued. “She said that he’s going to protect me … He’s going to be my protector.”

Catherine and Austin already share two daughters — 3-year-old Elle and 15-month-old Alaïa — who seems super excited to be big sisters to a baby brother. In addition, Catherine is ecstatic her kids will be close in age, considering she and her brother, Ryan, are only two years apart and share a tight bond. Dreams do come true!