Alex Cooper has got her ring! The “Call Her Daddy” host married Matt Kapan in a Riviera Maya, Mexico, wedding earlier in April.

“It was everything we wanted it to be,” Alex, 29, told Vogue in an interview published on Wednesday, April 24. “It was emotional, heartfelt, and we tailored it to exactly how we always envisioned it.”

She added that they wanted the ceremony to be held at a “private” and “romantic” spot. “It was really important to us to keep the guest list small so we could be present with each other and the people who we love the most and who have helped us become who we are today,” Alex added.

The Pennsylvania native sparked her relationship with the Hollywood producer in 2020, over a Zoom business call. At the time, Alex, who is known for sharing the intimate details of her dating and sex life on her podcast, referred to him only by his codename Mr. Sexy Zoom Man publicly and told her listeners they went out to dinner one week later.

“I get into the car, we lock eyes,” she recounted during the August 5, 2020 episode. “You know those people you meet immediately that it’s just like you feel like you’ve known each other for so long? We immediately vibed and it was just like we’re going to get along so well.”

Six months later, the former collegiate soccer player confirmed she was in an exclusive relationship with a podcast episode titled, “I HAVE A BOYFRIEND,” revealing that she and Mr. Sexy Zoom Man were dating.

While the Daddy Gang, a.k.a. Alex’s faithful subscribers, had speculated on the identity of her mystery man, Alex didn’t open up about his identity until after announcing their engagement.

“I never thought I would announce who he was or post a picture of us. And now here I am,” she told W Magazine in April 2023. Alex described Matt as a “private” person but she said he’s fully embraced her life as a podcaster. Alex also explained that she’s “matured” in the way she relays information to her listeners.

“When I started this show, I was so open about everything, maybe at times to the detriment of my personal life. I would have something happen to me the night before, and I would go run into the studio and talk about it,” she told the publication. “I didn’t even let myself process things. Now I’ve finally found a healthy balance of sharing things, but also having enough respect for my personal relationship to keep some things sacred.”

Call Her Daddy’s Alex Cooper is a Married Woman! Inside Her Wedding to Matt Kaplan
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Alex and Matt hosted a pre-wedding ceremony in February to celebrate with Matt’s 100-year-old grandmother who couldn’t travel for their planned destination wedding.

“We had a little pre-wedding celebration with Matt’s 100-year-old grandma last night. She sadly won’t be able to travel to our wedding so we wanted to make her feel special and a part of everything,” Alex wrote via Instagram on February 4. “Sobbing love you grandmommy. The daddy gang loves you too you legend (yes she’s wearing Chd sweats).”