Talk about #HairGoals! Love & Hip Hop: Miami star Amara La Negra made headlines all throughout Season 1 of the VH1 reality series thanks to not only her amazing musical talents, but her gorgeous locks! While some would ask the question, Is that Amara La Negra's real hair? It totally is — and the Afro-Latina beauty opened up to Life & Style exclusively about her haircare regimen.

"It is my uniqueness in a world that tries to have you conform to what is considered norm or average," she said via e-mail. "I am all about organic and natural hair care items."

"Also, I have a partnership with the CURLS brand currently for their cashmere and caviar collection that is available for consumers with all hair types. The collection comes with hair serum, a special blend of hair bath/shampoo to restore and strengthen your hair and a hair silk product that helps with detangling." This sounds simple enough to follow — and clearly, it works wonders!

Amara's unique look caused quite this stir on LHHMIA, particularly after producer Young Hollywood told her to change things up. "There is no relationship between us [today]. I cannot be upset when there is truly a lack of knowledge in the culture and about being an Afro-Latina," the Insecure songstress shared.

"That was not the first time that I have faced comments like that and, from those experiences, I have learned how to empower and educate versus to be filled with rage and negativity. The issue is bigger than my story and I am happy to be a part of history and help to educate on the Afro-Latina community at large. Every action has a reaction and I choose to channel mine into a positive movement."

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