All Andrew Keegan wanted was a place to hang out with like-minded people. In his early 20s, the 10 Things I Hate About You star moved to Venice Beach, California, where he was taken by the “hippie” vibe and sense of community. “I was connected with these folks and we had this opportunity,” he told the “Pod Meets World” podcast, explaining that he spent tens of thousands of dollars to renovate an old Hare Krishna temple in 2014.

The group, dubbed Full Circle, used the space to explore spiritual growth, he says. But a 2014 Vice investigation and other reports claimed the 45-year-old had started a religion, or worse, a cult. (The Vice piece mentioned crystals, synchronicity and ayahuasca, with Andrew noting, “Everyone’s on the love agenda.”) Reflecting back, the 7th Heaven star insisted Full Circle had “no doctrine” and he never was a cult leader. “It was a really cool community.”