Will wedding bells be ringing for Anna Faris and her boyfriend, Michael Barrett? That’s yet to be known. However, while we wait for the couple to confirm or deny the status of their relationship, we do have some insight on the ring the 42-year-old actress was spotted wearing on November 3, which sparked engagement rumors. It turns out, the stunning rock is pretty pricey.

“Anna’s new sparkly stunner is a 3.5-4 carat cushion cut near colorless diamond with a bespoke diamond halo and split shank pave band estimated between $200,000 – $400,000 depending on the center stone,” according to engagement ring expert Michelle Demaree, who exclusively spoke to Life & Style. Anna’s new gorgeous ring couldn’t be more different from the one her ex-husband, Chris Pratt, gave her. “[It’s] a nice change from the spready oval her ex gave her, cushion cuts are known to have more depth and character — a perfect shape that honors this couple’s connection,” Michelle added.

Anna Farris Engaged Michael Barrett
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A second jewelry expert weighed in and revealed he speculates the ring to cost a little less. “Anna’s ring looks to be a 4-5 carat cushion cut diamond with a diamond halo and split shank setting. The value could be anywhere from $100,000 – $150,000 depending on the color and clarity,” Peter Meksian, CEO of Michael M exclusively told Life & Style. Regardless of its value, it’s a beautiful piece of jewelry.

Anna and Michael have been dating for over two years now. The couple were first spotted out together in September 2017 — one month after she and Chris announced their split after 8 years of marriage. While Anna has never shared whether or not she plans on tying the knot again, she did share her outlook on marriage.

Anna Farris Engaged Michael Barrett

“I will say I believe in love and monogamy and I believe in the commitment with a relationship,” she told divorce lawyer Laura Wasser on her “Divorce Sucks!” podcast in March. “But I do struggle, having gone through it a couple of times now, Laura, with the idea of our legal system. I struggle with that on kind of a feminist level.”

When it comes to her relationship with Chris, things couldn’t be better. The former flames who share 7-year-old son, Jack, together, have managed to successfully coparent and stay friends. “I’m really grateful that we’re so close. And that … I think that we both, I know that we both just want, the best … just happiness,” Anna added. Goals!