This is not a drill. Antoni Porowski, our favorite guacamole aficionado on Queer Eye, is opening his own restaurant in NYC. The Canadian chef revealed he is working on a fast-casual concept and CAN YOU BELIEVE, he did not mention avocado once.

"I’m all about like cheese and pork belly and decadence, and as a result of the increased vanity of being on camera all the time and working out and eating healthy, I’m developing a fast-casual food concept restaurant that I’m gonna be opening here in New York," he said during a panel on June 19. He also opened up about his experience in the food industry, adding, "I was a busboy, a waiter, a manager, a sommelier… like…all of it from a family-run Polish restaurant, with like grandmas in the basement hand-making pierogies, to working at Bond Street for a while. I’ve done it all. So I have experience more on the front-of-house side of things, but I’ve always had a strong reverence and a respect for chefs."

As expected, Queer Eye fans could not contain their excitement about eating Antoni's food IRL. "In better news Antoni from Queer Eye wants to open a restaurant I’ll be his best customer," one fan tweeted before another added, "ANTONI IS OPENING A RESTAURANT catch me on the first flight to New York." A third jokingly added, "Antoni opening a restaurant before Karamo releases a line of bomber jackets is outrageous and everyone knows it."

Antoni gained a reputation for his love of avocado on the Netflix reboot, but the 34-year-old is adamant he can prepare more than just your basic guacamole. He is also working on a cookbook and surprise, there are zero avocado recipes. "It’s a 100-recipe cookbook. And I think … oh my God … not one of them has avocados in it," he claimed at the panel. "It’s turned, I realize, into my own culinary memoir, which I’m super excited about. I’ve submitted 50 recipes and I’m working on the rest, and I’m super excited for it to come out."

Plus, his co-star Bobby Berk reassured Life & Style exclusively that Antoni's kitchen skills are top-notch. "He’s a great cook, he cooked for us all the time," Bobby said. "The way the episodes got scheduled made him look like he really loved avocados. And, he’s so pretty… We all have our moments after we haven’t slept and stuff, but he’s a pretty boy. Very natural, like James Dean-looking." We can't wait to make our reservation — avocados or not.