Still going strong! Real Housewives of New Jersey star Dolores Catania gave Life & Style an exclusive update on her relationship with boyfriend David Principe — and even dished about how a rumor got started that the couple split back in December 2019.

“Everyone thinks we broke up. Did you see that?” she said at the Dolce Aesthetics New York Presents NYFW Beauty Mixer on February 11. “I was giving these young girls advice, and as I was doing it, this lady walked in and I was like ‘you know, I went through a bad breakup.’ But that was like seven years ago!” She went on to explain that a journalist caught wind of the comment, thinking she was referencing David and not ex-husband Frank Catania. Oops!

But as far as things with the doctor are going, it seems to be smooth sailing, even in the midst of their house renovations. “It’s the same. You know, I think it’s really not even the right time,” she explained about building a new home with her man. “You panic at certain times in relationships, like in life, and I panicked like ‘Oh my God, I’m going to be alone. The kids left, oh my God!’ But now I don’t know what I want.”

The brunette beauty couldn’t be more thrilled about their big next step … whenever they decide to make it. “It’s done being built but he still hasn’t left [my house]. Like I think he doesn’t want to leave, unless I go,” she revealed. “He’s like, ‘Can we sleep in the house tonight?’ and I’m like no!”

And yes, her ex-hubby is still cohabitating with Dolores and David, at least for the moment. “Yeah, my ex-husband lives with me. I don’t care,” she teased. “He gets s—t done. He takes out the garbage, the other one does the dishes.”

Talk about an interesting mix! Dolores and Frank divorced back in 2000, and made their way to becoming amicable exes after their split. Though the NJ native maintains it took a lot of “blood, sweat and tears” to get to this point, it’s clear they’ll always have a friendship after having two kids together. And it seems as though David is cool with it, too. We stan!

Reporting by Diana Cooper