Is there a little bun in Ariana Grande's oven? Fans' imaginations are running wild with reasons why Ariana and new boyfriend Pete Davidson would reportedly get engaged after mere weeks of dating, and it seems like many believe the most reasonable explanation for the rash decision would be a pregnancy!

News broke on June 11 that Ariana and Pete are allegedly engaged, which seemed to be confirmed by the fact that she was spotted wearing what looked like an engagement ring days earlier, and liked several kind tweets from fans about the news. But why would she immediately get engaged to someone she's been dating for only about a month after just getting out of a relationship with Mac Miller, who she dated for two years? Similarly, Pete just broke things off with his girlfriend of two years Cazzie David. Fans think it's suspiciously quick to tie the knot, unless they're on a time crunch before a baby arrives.

"Wait! What if Ariana is already pregnant. I knew her boobs be looking bigger," said one suspicious fan, and they're far from the only one. Another said, "the real tea is that they had a one night stand Pete got Ariana pregnant and now they are trying to cover it up like they've been in a loving relationship." Now, fans are even fantacizing about how she's going to reveal the potential baby bombshell! "Ariana's gonna do a dance break at the VMA's during 'No Tears Left to Cry' and then rip open her jacket to show her pregnant belly like Beyoncé did," teased a tweeter.

Of course, some fans think the whole idea is stupid, and don't even buy the engagement. “'Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson are engaged' well, she’s also been pregnant like 17 times oh and was engaged last year as well. Wow a busy woman," joked a fan. And it's true. Fans also thought she was pregnant earlier this year when she went MIA from January until May. But at the time, they expected it would be with Mac.

Even before the engagement news, Pete proved that he's committed to Ari when he got two different tattoos to honor her. Not only does he have her iconic bunny ears behind his ear, but he also got her initials on his thumb. At this point, does an engagement even make a difference?