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Ariel Winter Rocks a Makeup-Free Face and Cute Overalls While Out to Lunch in Beverly Hills

Slayin’! Ariel Winter was seen wearing black overalls while out for lunch in Beverly Hills on Sunday, September 15, and she looked effortlessly good.

The 21-year-old is the queen of street style, and it shows. However, there are other things Ariel is just as passionate about and that includes being outspoken about topics important to her, such as body positivity related issues. In the past, Ariel has clap backed at trolls who sent her negative comments or criticized her appearance. But now, she’s straying away from giving the haters that kind of attention.

“I try to not respond,” she told Us Weekly in July. “I wanted to respond positively to people for a long time because I do feel that if you are sitting and sending somebody that message, there must be something you’re not getting in your life.”

The Modern Family star revealed that she’s been reflecting on why it’s best to remove herself from the conversation. “I have had those moments where I’ve responded and I have regretted to responding to some of them, not all, but some I have regretted,” she told the outlet. “I’ve been like, ‘This is stupid. It’s unnecessary.’ I do know … I think as everybody knows, when somebody is posting that comment they want an argument, you know, they want you to respond.”

It was thanks to a fan that Ariel realized she wasn’t paying attention enough attention to what truly matters, which is all the love she receives. “I actually had a fan comment on one of my posts and said, ‘You respond more to negative comments than you do to positive.  “I didn’t even realize I was doing that,” she admitted.

On the bright side, she’s now changed her perspective on the situation. “I think about the positive comments way more and it affects me way more,” she elaborated. “As a society we do comment more on the negative and that comment really hit me and so now I’m really trying to follow that of like, doing what I actually feel, which is to be thankful for the support and actually show that and kind of try and bury the negative.” Good for her!

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