Article presented by Susan Thomas.

Once upon a time, in a realm where fantasy and reality intertwine, J.D. Netto found his calling. A bestselling author with an affinity for the mystical and the magical, Netto’s narrative prowess has been making waves since he first penned his underground sensation, The Whispers of the Fallen.

While his enchanting storytelling and vivid world-building are noteworthy, it’s his bold leap in redefining LGBTQ+ representation in fantasy fiction that earns him a standing ovation. In the age-old world of myths and magic, where diversity was often an afterthought, Netto is a beacon of change.

“Representation matters, not just as a buzzword, but as a lens that allows us to celebrate our differences and our shared humanity,” says J.D. Netto. He firmly believes that everyone deserves a hero they can resonate with, an ethos reflected in his latest fantasy epic, The Echoes of Fallen Stars: Gods and Mortals, scheduled to be released on the 26th of August.

His works challenge the traditional norms, breaking down the walls of stereotypes and making room for characters that aren’t simply defined by their sexual orientation but by their actions, choices, and inherent complexities. These heroes love fear, desire, and deception—as flawed and achingly real as we are.

Netto’s commitment to inclusivity comes alive in the dynamic portrayal of Bellwound, a central character in his latest novel. Bellwound’s sexuality isn’t a source of angst or conflict. Instead, his story unfolds in a doomed paradise rife with gods, mortals, and the son of Lucifer himself. “Bellwound’s sexuality is simply one part of him, an aspect of his identity. His journey, like ours, is influenced by love, fear, faith, and an unyielding quest for redemption,” Netto shares.


But why is this groundbreaking? For far too long, LGBTQ+ characters in fiction were relegated to the sidelines, their narratives often echoing real-world struggles of acceptance and identity. While these stories are important, Netto believes it’s equally vital to present queer characters whose narratives move beyond these battles. “Stories can help normalize queer experiences, making them a part of the societal fabric rather than something to be singled out or othered,” he says.

Indeed, J.D. Netto is not merely writing stories; he’s changing the narrative, bringing a fresh perspective to the genre. His nuanced portrayals resonate with diverse readers, offering them a chance to see themselves reflected in the fantasy realm. The thought-provoking themes are being discussed in depth in The Immortal Crown podcast, co-hosted by best-selling author, marketer, and professor Maytê Carvalho.

Aside from crafting unforgettable tales and breathing life into diverse characters, Netto has proven his devotion to the transformative power of literature in another, perhaps even more profound way. As the founder of Saved by the Page, he has created a sanctuary for readers to recount their tales of salvation. It’s a movement that harnesses the healing power of narrative, demonstrating how stories can become lifelines in times of personal turmoil.

“The power of the written word goes beyond entertainment—it has the ability to save, heal, and change,” Netto affirms. And he’s not just saying this. In 2018, Netto published an anthology of stories shared through Saved by the Page, a testament to the profound and enduring impact that books can have on readers’ lives.

In an era where stories are often consumed and quickly forgotten, Netto’s work speaks to the lingering power of well-crafted narratives. His books do more than entertain; they stir the soul, challenge our perceptions, and inspire us to dream bigger, strive harder, and love deeper.

Indeed, with every line he pens, J.D. Netto does more than weave a spellbinding tale. He constructs bridges—linking diverse cultures, connecting disparate souls, and guiding us to discover parts of ourselves we may never have known otherwise.

“In the end, it’s all about connection,” he muses. “The connection between author and reader, character and audience, between one human soul and another. That’s the real magic of storytelling.”

As we turn the final pages of this chapter, it’s clear that Netto’s journey is just beginning. With his vibrant imagination, commitment to inclusivity, and uncanny ability to imbue his stories with a profound connection, Netto is not just penning tales—he’s crafting a legacy.

His legacy isn’t confined to the bound pages of his novels or the accolades and best-seller lists he’s graced. Instead, it resonates in the hearts of his readers, reverberates through the halls of the Saved by the Page community, and echoes within the countless souls who’ve found solace, courage, and change within his narratives.

When asked what’s next, Netto smiles. “My pen has yet to run dry,” he says. “I will continue to write stories that challenge norms, inspire hope, and above all else, celebrate diversity. Why? Because life’s too short for predictable plots and worn-out stereotypes.”

And whatever challenges J.D. Netto takes on next, one thing remains clear: he’s a force to be reckoned with. Because in the ever-expanding universe of his creation, the future promises even more extraordinary journeys, all waiting to be embarked upon by those willing to turn the page.