Even though it didn’t work out for him, Matt Munson doesn’t regret going on Season 4 of Bachelor in Paradise. After he unceremoniously decided to send himself home during Episode 6, Rachel Lindsay’s former suitor opened up about his experience on the Bachelor/Bachelorette spin-off exclusively to Life & Style and he said he doesn’t regret walking out on paradise and Jasmine Goode.

“No, not at all. With every day, I get a little more satisfied with my decision,” Matt exclusively told Life & Style. “You know, I mean, I guess the question would be, do I have any FOMO when I watch these episodes? I miss my buddies, and all the girls are good too — I just it was not the place for me. I’m happy to be home.”

When he arrived in paradise, Matt and Jasmine seemed to hit it off almost immediately — but he also went on a date with Christen Whitney, which really upset Jasmine. Matt said he knew it was time to go home after he found himself in the middle of a drama-filled love triangle.

“Probably when I came back from my date and [Jasmine] jumped on me. I just wasn’t comfortable with that,” he revealed. “I wasn’t alright with that, and it wasn’t anything against her. It just proved the point that that isn’t my thing, you know? I’m a little more [low] key than that and she’s just not. And I don’t think — I think when two people complement each other, it’s nice, but I also think you can just be too different. Way opposite sides of the spectrum, that’s all.”

But despite the tension towards the end of their fling, Matt said that he was able to smooth things over with Jasmine after they arrived home from paradise. “I think we’re good. I mean, sometimes you give it a shot and it doesn’t work out and you’re friends,” he explained. “I think we’re in that place.”

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