Dating IRL Is as Sucky as It Is on ‘the Bachelor’ — but There’s No Europe Trip

TBH, being on The Bachelor seems like kind of a nightmare, especially considering the likelihood of getting dumped on TV and having people make memes out of your hysterical, drunken sobbing. Like, not only will you probably be forced to literally wrestle your competition, you also run the risk of somehow being positioned as the villain of your season just because you try to spend a lot of time with the guy your whole six weeks revolves around dating. And then, on top of it all, you can be forced to go on a creepy 2-on-1, aka a throuple date, with your actual enemy before being sent home and convinced by a producer to cry on camera.

But then again, dating in the real world sucks just about as much. And when you have a terrible Tinder date, you're not getting the chance to go on a hot air balloon ride or drive ATVs for free or anything. And there's no guaranteed Europe trip if you've managed to hang onto the same partner for at least six weeks or whatever. And, just like on The Bachelor, there's always the chance that whoever you're talking to is seeing 21 other totally gorgeous women right behind your back. Yep, dating IRL has pretty much the same success rate as dating on The Bachelor — but with none of the perks. Check out the memes below to see exactly what we mean.