We didn’t know Jimmy Kimmel was a psychic?

During an appearance back in January on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Ben Higgins listens as Jimmy shares his own predictions about the Bachelor outcome — it turns out, he wasn’t too far off.

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In the clip below, Jimmy hilariously predicts who he thinks Ben’s future final four will be, calling the infamous Olivia Caridi crazy. Although he was incorrect about a few things (not so much the crazy part), the late night talk show host goes on to tell the 27-year-old that Lauren Bushnell and JoJo Fletcher will be the final two — low and behold, that was the case.

It turns out that Ben’s love for one was stronger than the other, as he handed his final rose to Lauren, who he proposed to, TWICE.

Check out the clip below to see the host tell us what really went down almost two months before the finale.


As for a Bachelor wedding in our future? We will have to wait and see, even though Ben almost married Lauren on the finale’s after show.

Congrats to the newly engaged couple! How much longer until the new season?