Keeping it candid! Real Housewives of New York alum Bethenny Frankel showed fans the “real” her by sharing before and after Photoshop pictures. 

“This is NOT what I look like,” the Skinny Girl founder, 51, captioned a slideshow via Instagram on Wednesday, August 31. Both photos showed Bethenny standing on the beach in a grey bikini, but the first snapshot was edited to alter different areas of her body, including making her waist appear smaller and her breasts larger. 

bethenny frankel photoshop
Bethenny Frankel/Instagram

“I’m not vain and show you the real me. But if I posted a version of this every day you might start to believe that it might be. This is just how distorted this has all gotten,” the Business Is Personal author added.  

The Shark Tank star continued that editing and filtering photos is “lying” and “deceptive,” writing, “It makes women feel badly about themselves. It makes young girls insecure and obsessed with an unattainable perfection. It makes middle aged women and mothers feel insecure about themselves. This creates a false ideal for men.” 

Bethenny went on to slam the “irresponsible” social media practice as “destructive,” “insecure” and the “opposite of inspirational.”  

“There is a line between making an effort to look pretty and an outright falsehood,” she concluded her strong message about “insecure” and “inaccurate” Photoshopping.

The former Bravo star tries to stay very transparent with fans, including that she “believes in not being crazy” when it comes to diet and fitness.

“I don’t exercise,” Bethenny admitted via TikTok to a commenter who asked how she “stays so thin” amid her hectic life. “I do what I can, when I can. I’ll snowboard if I can, I’ll surf if I can. I’ll walk on the beach … but I choose sleep first. Sleep is the number one priority, and being happy is the number one priority.”

That being said, the Bethenny Ever After alum tries to keep a “balanced” lifestyle, adding, “I believe in sleep, I believe in living, I believe in French fries, I believe in alcohol.”

All in all, she’s learned to prioritize what’s important as she’s aged. “I believe in not being crazy,” she continued. “The crazier you get, the worse it gets for you. And as you get older, you realize the ‘zero f—’ lifestyle works better.”

Her passion for making people feel good in their own skin is reflected in her new Bethenny Swimwear collection, which she said is “elevated, elegant [and] sophisticated.”

“This is finally a brand that’s making you feel excited to put on a bathing suit,” she via her Instagram Story about her latest endeavor. “This is a woman who people are going to stop and look at — all shapes, all sizes — ’cause everyone just looks like a 10.”