Is 18-year-old rapper YBN Almighy Jay ready to take on diaper duty? While Blac Chyna still hasn't confirmed reports that she's expecting a baby with her teenage boyfriend, many fans are wondering if he could even handle being a parent. It sounds like Chyna's not too sure herself, as a source told Life & Style exclusively that she's hoping having a baby (whether that's now or later) will help him be more responsible and take their relationship seriously.

"Chyna might be pregnant. She’s told her girls how much she’s in love with Jay, how she wants him to be responsible and committed, and how she wants more children," said the insider. "Chyna feels like a baby would make Jay more focused on their relationship and give him a sense of responsibility." It sounds like he's enthusiastic about the idea, as he told reporters that he would love to have a kid with the Kardashian baby mama a few months ago.

Well, he might not have much choice, as fans are already convinced she's expecting following the release of photos from her son's graduation that seemed to show a baby bump. However, she threw fans off when she posted a pic by the pool the same day, sporting an insanely taut tummy.

Luckily, Chyna believes Jay will rise to the cccaision if and when they do have a bun in the oven. "She thinks he’d be a good young dad," continued the source. Chyna's watched him with her own children, and she's lowkey impressed. "He’s great with Dream. He loves to play with her, and even rocks her to sleep.” Let's hope he would be just as enthusiastic about caring for his own kids!

While this would be baby No. 1 for Jay, this would be Chyna's third child. She already has precious Dream with Rob Kardashian, and little King Cairo Stevenson with rapper Tyga. Only time will tell if they'll be getting a new little sibling!