Sibling rivalry runs just a little bit deeper for the Bella Twins! Nikki Bella and Brie Bella rose to fame by competing together as a WWE tag team duo, but it looks like there’s one place that they won’t compete against each other — the Dancing With the Stars dance floor! Nikki is currently dominating on Season 25 of ABC’s hit dance competition series, but while chatting with Life & Style at a DWTS post-show event in LA on Oct. 16, Nikki said she doesn’t think her twin sister is cut out for the series.

“[Brie] told me she wanted to [do DWTS], and then she watched it live a few times and she was like, ‘I don’t think I could do it,'” Nikki exclusively revealed. “I was like, ‘Yeah, b—h, you can’t.”

Yikes! That might seem like a pretty harsh comment, but fans know that Nikki and Brie are known for their playful, sisterly bickering as it’s been well-documented on their E! reality TV series Total Divas and their spin-off, Total Bellas. During Season 2 of Total Bellas, Brie got upset with Nikki because she felt that her sister’s fiancé John Cena wasn’t as involved with their family as she would have liked him to be. Nikki even exclusively admitted to Life & Style that she felt like she was caught in the middle of her sister and her man. Watch the video below to see why Nikki said was hard for her to choose sides in Brie and John’s fight.

But now it looks like everyone is getting along again which is important since the Bella Twins will start training in the ring together soon! Nikki revealed that they are already planning to make a return to the WWE. “We both want to make our comeback together in 2018,” she teased. “Brie’s already talking about it.”