Wise beyond her years. Busy Philipps‘ “secret” to her 13-year marriage to Marc Silverstein is being “open” to “change and grow with your partner” — as well as giving them the “space to change and grow themselves,” she tells Life & Style exclusively.

“Understand that you’re going to have times when it might not line up for you or it might feel weird or you might feel uncomfortable because change makes people feel uncomfortable but that you can move through it together,” the 40-year-old explains while promoting Walgreens’ virtual Red Nose Day in which now through May 30th people can get their digital Red Noses by donating online. “There’s a lot of greatness and a lot of reward for being able to do that.”

Eric Charbonneau/Shutterstock

The blonde beauty gushes over the longevity of her marriage and notes she and the director have been together for 15 years. “I think there’s just a great deal of value in being open to change both with one another and in your relationship, and being able to be flexible about that,” she says. “You know no one is the same person that you marry 13 years later. If I were the same person as I was when Marc met me when I was 26 — I mean we would have some issues, I think. Like, that’s not healthy.”

As for how the couple is handling quarantine, Busy reveals “alone time” without one another is a key part of their “everyday” routine. “He takes like an hour or two by himself. I take an hour or two by myself up on the balcony. I’ve been calling it balcony time. The girls eat earlier than we do mostly,” she revealed, adding that having alone time ~together~ is also equally as important as the time they spend apart. “So a lot of times it’s just the two of us out on the balcony and just having dinner and listening to music and talking about what’s going on.”

It seems Busy and her bae are a quarantine couple to watch when it comes to age-old relationship wisdom. Take a page from their book, social distancing lovebirds!

Reporting by Diana Cooper