They grow up so fast! Cardi B divulged to fans that her daughter, Kulture Kiari Cephus, has officially said her first word. The rapper just gave birth to her firstborn in July, and the tiny tot sounds like she’s hitting those big milestones at a rapid pace. Offset will be especially proud because her first word is all about him.

“My baby just said papa. My wittlee baby,” the 26-year-old gushed in a recent tweet. Obviously, the “Bodak Yellow” singer wasn’t quite ready for her newborn to be growing up so fast.

People were excited about the big step but couldn’t help but point out that Kulture’s first word had nothing to do with her mom. One fan joked, “You carry them 9 months, go through so much pain and they say papa [first]. So unfair.” Someone else quipped, “I was hoping she would say Okuuur.” Another Twitter user summed it up perfectly by saying, “Cutenesses overload.” Honestly, we can get enough of the rap icon’s newest addition.

Although the songstress shares very few images of her youngster’s face, she does post a few sweet moments for us to swoon over. In January, the “Money” rapper published a video proving that the six-month-old is definitely a daddy’s girl. The footage showed the sweet infant cooing, kicking and laughing while watching her dad’s song with Metro Boomin’, “Ric Flair Drip.”

“If she says daddy or dada before she says mama imma feel very betrayed,” the sassy rapper captioned the precious video. “I spend hours trying to make her say mama!” Sorry, Cardi!

Even just a couple of months ago, Kulture wasn’t talking yet. Although she was close with “daaa,” it’s so fun to track her progress. Keep being the cutest, baby K!

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