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In a panic about shipping delays? Worried about crowded malls? Well, have no fear, Groupon Experiences are here.

As if Catherine didn’t love Groupon enough for all its awesome experiences, deals & steals, and just right beauty services. Groupon provides Catherine a way to avoid the headache of shopping in-store or risk of showing up empty-handed by offering her 1000s of experiences to gift every person on her list — with no shipping required.

The brand that brings her (and everyone else) fun things to do, and help local business’ thrive, allows you to skip the shipping supply chain disasters, crowded stores, wrapping and get is sure to arrive on time!

For (Sean) My Husband & Dutiful Dad Who Might Like Some Help To Work Out the Kinks: A DEEP TISSUE/SPORTS MASSAGE


For My Girlfriend, Whitney, Who Lives for the Glam: A SPA DAY, WITH ALL THE WORKS, MANI/PEDI/ HYDRO FACIAL AND MASSAGE


For My Girlfriend, Loren, Who Is Constantly On-The-Go: THREE MONTHS OF FITNESS CLASSES AT A NEW LOCAL GYM


For My Nieces and Nephew Who (ages 13, 11, 9 and 7) Sometimes Play Ball in The House: 6 PASSES TO THEIR FAVORITE LOCAL TRAMPOLINE PARK


For My Sister and Brother in- Law Who Could Use a Break from Cooking: A DINNER FOR TWO AT THEIR NEW LOCAL FONDUE HOTSPOT


For My Mother-in-Law Who Never Says No to Babysitting: A HYDRATING FACIAL AT MY FAVORITE TEXAS SPA


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