Cheryl Tiegs is defending herself after dissing plus-size model Ashley Graham, who made history after landing the cover of Sports Illustrated‘s illustrious swimsuit edition.

The 68-year-old, who graced the cover of the magazine three times, slammed the full-figured beauty, accusing Ashley of promoting an unhealthy body image.

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“Actually I don’t like it that we’re talking about full-figured women because it’s glamorizing them and your waist should be smaller than 35 [inches]. That’s what Dr. Oz said, and I’m sticking to it,” Cheryl told E! News. “Her face is beautiful. Beautiful. But I don’t think it’s healthy in the long run.”

ashley graham sports illustrated
James Macari/Sports Illustrated

Fans of the voluptuous model, who has her own lingerie line and her own workout videos on Youtube, quickly jumped to her defense on social media, pointing out that Ashley’s waist is actually only 30 inches.

Since the interview, Cheryl tried to defend her statement, tweeting, “To clarify re bodyweight. Being anorexic/bulimic/overweight all connected to health problems. I want all to be as healthy as they can.”

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Ashley has not responded to any of Cheryl’s comments, but has been a vocal advocate for women embracing their curves.

“I believe you can be healthy at every size, and if you take care of yourself, it doesn’t matter how big you are, from a 2 to 22, you can be active and love the skin you’re in,” Ashley told Vogue last year. “I’m trying to get the message out there, not just younger girls but older women who have become bigger from age, just to love every inch of themselves.”