Don't mess with Chip and Joanna Gaines! The Fixer Upper family was recently attacked after USA Today wrote a scathing story about the couple saying they don't actually spend as much time with their four, soon to be five, kids as they claim. "[They] did not get where they are by putting their family first," the publication explained.

Unsurprisingly, the story didn't go over too well with Chip. A source exclusively told Life & Style that the editorial "hit a nerve" with the patriarch of the crew. "Chip was hurt, but he was more pissed than anything," the source said. "The first rule in Chip's world is don't mess with his family, and that's exactly what that writer did."

It's not like the family isn't used to criticism — after all, they were the stars of a hit reality television show. But this attack on Chip's parenting seemed to really cross the line. "You can criticize Chip as a builder — that's fair game — but his family is off-limits," the source said. "He spent hours ranting to Joanna about it."

Chip didn't keep his thoughts about the story private, either. He took to Twitter to clap back at the USA Today writer. "I dont know [Daryl Austin], [and] he clearly doesn't know me. But for the record: If there is ever a need [with] my family [first], I'll shut this circus down so fast it will make your head spin," he tweeted. "BUT [Joanna] & I believe [with] God anything is possible, including having an amazing family AND [a] career you love."

The couple backed this notion when they revealed why they had decided to put an end to Fixer Upper months ago. "We need to catch our breath for a moment," their statement read. "And give lots of love and attention to both our family and our businesses."

An insider told Life & Style they weren't lying. "They still read to their kids at night and spend quality time with each one of them," the source explained. "They're both amazing parents who would move heaven and earth for their kids. They'll always put their kids before anything else, including fame and work."

Despite the hate, Chip and Joanna are ready to dispel any rumors about them. "They have nothing to hide," the source told Life & Style. "So if you attack the Gaineses, you better be prepared, because you will be attacked back."

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