All eyes are on Chris Hardwick‘s wife Lydia Hearst after his ex-girlfriend Chloe Dykstra seemingly accused the Talking Dead host of physically and emotionally abusing her during their three-year relationship. While Lydia has yet to directly address the drama, she recently made it clear that she’s always going to stand with her family.

“To all of you trolls, I see that you are choosing to be unkind and hurtful,” the Hearst heiress wrote on March 3 in response to unspecified criticism. “As I love myself and my family dearly, I choose not the participate in any negative behavior.” She went on to explain that she would be blocking anyone who criticized her online from now on, and pinned the tweet to the top of her page (which she later removed). In light of recent accusations, people have rushed to the tweet to demand a comment from her.

“Leopard cannot change its spots,” commented a fan. “Meaning Chris Hardwick can’t change his essential nature unless he has gone for help, therapy. Lydia if you are remotely going thru what Chloe had describe please reach out for help, full stop!” Another said, “This sounds like a lot of unkind and hurtful behavior to look into,” and linked to Chloe’s confession. “I hope this pint-sized monster never did anything like this to you.” Though Lydia hasn’t said anything about her husband, she did “like” a heart-filled response to her old post.

Chris married Lydia in 2016, two years after he split from Chloe. On June 15, Chloe posted a very personal account of what many people believe to be her relationship with Chris on Medium. In it, she claims that an unnamed boyfriend set several “rules” meant to alienate her from others and tear her down. She says she couldn’t drink because the boyfriend was sober (Chris is a recovered alcoholic), she developed anorexia thanks to the constant criticism, and she wasn’t allowed to speak in public or go out without him.

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Chris with ex-gf Chloe.

She also said she was expected to have sex whenever he wanted to, including when she was sick. “Every night, I laid there for him, occasionally in tears. He called it ‘starfishing’. He thought the whole idea was funny,” she wrote. She even said that after having surgery for an ectopic surgery (in which an egg implants outside of the uterus and can be deadly) his first question to doctors was when she could start having sex again. Chloe claimed that when she finally got the courage to leave the guy, he tried to destroy her career by getting his industry friends to blacklist her.

Many current and former employees of Chris’ also believed he was the person Chloe was describing, and shared their thoughts. “As someone who writes for Nerdist, let me just say…Chris Hardwick is a piece of trash and I believe women,” wrote Donna Dickens. ” As of today I no longer write for Nerdist. The editorial staff is absolutely fantastic but I don’t want my work or name affiliated in any way with Chris Hardwick,” said Scott Weinberg. “Waking up to news that your s—ty, racist former boss who helped mainstream the toxic, self-victimization of White Male nerd culture FINALLY being outed as a garbage person by his abused ex-girlfriend is somewhat cathartic to say the least. RIP, Chris Hardwick’s career,” said another writer. Though Chris is no longer associated with Nerdist, they removed all mentions of him on their site after the accusations.