Word to the wise: Pregnancy is not for the faint of heart. Thankfully, Christina Anstead is a pro! Four days after announcing that she and hubby Ant Anstead were expecting their first child together, the proud mama-of-two took to Instagram to share an official baby bump pic.

In addition to posting the sweet snapshot, Christina shared an incredibly honest caption about her pregnancy journey thus far. “Now that I can talk about [it] … the first trimester was brutal!!! Maybe it’s my age — 35 [is] considered a geriatric pregnancy — or maybe I just forgot how bad it was with Tay and Bray … but yikes, it really blindsided me.”

“Nausea, exhaustion, too many food aversions, too many carbs … anyways, I’m officially back to feeling somewhat normal,” she continued. “Going to try and enjoy the second trimester while it’s here.” That’s the spirit, girl. Of course, Christina also made sure to shout out her beloved.

“Thank you to my amazing husband for being so supportive while his new bride was complaining and a little more cray than usual,” the reality TV star gushed. “We found out we were expecting after the honeymoon and I’m officially 15 weeks now.” Given that Christina shares a daughter, Taylor, and a son, Brayden, with her ex-husband and former cohost, Tarek El Moussa, we have no doubt that she’ll pull through this pregnancy just fine.

Plus, Ant is no stranger to kids, either. He has two little ones of his own —  a daughter, Amelie, and a son, Archie. Talk about a modern day Brady Bunch, huh? *Don’t even think about jacking our idea, HGTV.* Moving on … naturally, Christina’s fans were nothing but supportive of her post and even offered some words of comfort. “My sister had her first at 43 — you are fine and you look radiant!” one user commented.

“Aw, congrats! I’m 15 weeks, too, and had ALL the same symptoms as you — longest trimester ever. Finally feeling normal, as well. You look great!!” added another. See that, Christina? Everyone’s got your back. You can do this. Keep slaying, Supermom.