New body, who dis? When it comes to revenge bodies, Christina El Moussa takes the cake. The mother-of-two has always been in amazing shape, but looks better than ever after splitting from husband Tarek late last year.

Christina is sharing with Life & Style exclusively how she manages to stay so bikini-ready — and it’s no easy feat. First, there’s finding time to fit in workouts while running after daughter Taylor, 7, and two-year-old son Brayden. The 34-year-old says the little ones are her priority, so she doesn’t want to waste time in a gym. "It’s important when my kids get home from school to just focus on them,” she reasons.

That said, she does “love to exercise,” and she reveals that jogging and yoga are her two go-to ways to break a sweat. In fact, in the months following her breakup, she turned to yoga — in addition to quality time with her children and staycations in Laguna Beach — to help “focus on myself.”

Just working out isn’t enough, though. The HGTV star knows diet is half the battle when it comes to toning up, and she's vigilant about what she’s putting in her body. The reality star details, “I’ve always been a healthy eater. I just enjoy eating healthy and organic. All that is just part of my lifestyle.”

It helps that friend Cara Clark is there to help with her personal nutrition service, Cara Clark Nutrition. “She’s always sending me recipes to make that are easy and kid-friendly,” Christina shares. “She does really great smoothies. I love smoothies; they’re so easy, and healthy, too. I just feel better when I eat healthy.”