We know it’s only February, y’all, but this story wins 2019 … hands down! On Super Bowl Sunday, RHOA star Cynthia Bailey took to Instagram to reveal one seriously hilarious case of mistaken identity. You see, the 51-year-old somehow thought she met Tom Brady — yes, THE Tom Brady — just one day ahead of the big game.

“Confession. I ran into this guy last night in the lobby of the St. Regis. I asked for a picture because I thought he was @tombrady. I really did. I did interviews on the carpets last night saying how cool it was to bump into Tom Brady,” the reality star began. “After, I texted my picture to my bae @itsmikehill to share my excitement. Swipe left to read @itsmikehill response lol. Looking back now at the picture, OK maybe he is not Tom’s long lost twin. But he could be his cousin right or nah? What y’all think?”

*Pauses to wipe tears from extreme laughter.* In all fairness, the random dude does look a bit like the 41-year-old famed quarterback. In fact, if you squint hard enough and tilt your head to the side, he could maybe pass for Tom’s stunt double. Our biggest question, however, is why on Earth did Cynthia think that Tom freakin’ Brady would just casually be chilling at the St. Regis hours before the most important game of the season?

Thankfully, the reality star’s boyfriend, Mike Hill, who, by the way, is a sportscaster, was able to set things straight. “Baby … that’s not Tom Brady. Who told you that was Tom Brady? You didn’t post anything, did you?” he texted her, along with a well-deserved “LMAO.” Unsurprisingly, Mike wasn’t the only one laughing at Cynthia’s expense. “Girl, I am crying right now,” one user commented. “OMG! I can’t. This is great,” added another. 

As it stands, Mr. Brady himself has yet to comment on Cynthia’s little mishap, but we really hope he does.

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