Jersey Shore: Family Vacation airs tonight, April 5, and fans are so excited to see the entire OG Jersey Shore cast renuite, with the exception of Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola. While a lot has changed in their personal lives since the series finale in 2012, there have been some physical changes as well — specifically for fan-favorite, Deena Cortese. Although the reality star has refuted nose job claims, it’s clear she looks completely different. Life & Style asked Dr. Ordon, a board-certified plastic surgeon and co-host of The Doctors, to examine the before-and-after pictures below and share his expert opinion.

Watch the video above to see Deena’s transformation!

deena cortese before and after

“Deena looks like she’s had her nose done for sure — it’s sharper and more refined,” he told Life & Style. “She’s also added volume to her lips to enhance them.” The doctor, who has never treated the reality star, also added that it appears she’s had “plenty of Botox.”

Dr. Mardirossian — a plastic surgeon who specializes in facial aesthetics — agrees. He thinks Deena had “Botox to forehead” as he noticed “some notching of the eyebrows.” Regardless of what the New Jersey native has or hasn’t had done, she looks amazing!

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In 2017, Deena did admit to getting lip injections after sharing a photo of a plumper pout on Instagram — and she totally rocked the look! While fans immediately started buzzing, the 31-year-old made sure to not only confirm the speculation, but also say how happy she was with the result. “I know but I love them I won’t go any bigger… I’m very happy with them now tho… isn’t that’s what matters?” she commented on Instagram. “Plus they, unfortunately, are going to go down they are swollen.”