These 10 ‘Desperate Housewives’ Memes Prove We Totally Grew up to Become Gabby Solis, and TBH We’re Fine With That

It’s been five years and we are still desperately in love with Gabby Solis… so much so that we subconsciously turned into the Desperate Housewife herself! Well, maybe not literally, but we like to think we are basically just as quirky as the former model.  

Although we did not grow up on Wisteria Lane, we picked up some major life lessons from Gabrielle during the eight years she blessed us on our screen. Those lessons include but are not limited to, how to walk the catwalk (even if you are just walking down your own street), being unapologetically yourself no matter what the situation is, and most importantly to always have your friends’ backs!  

If you don’t believe us just take a look below at some memes that show how relatable Eva Longoria’s sassy character is still today!

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