Oh snap! There's no shortage of drama between Devlyn, 24, and her future mother-in-law Lisa on a fiery new episode of Bridezillas. Tensions are flying high between the ladies in Life & Style's exclusive sneak peek of the June 22 show, and trust us: you'll want to get your buttery popcorn out cause they're not holding back.

"I think Brock's mom is a little bit jealous about me marrying her son because she thinks that I'm taking over Brock's whole entire life," Devlyn admits in the confessional. "I'm not worried about it. She'll be dead and long gone soon enough." It's pretty clear Brock is going to have his hands full, since his fiancée and mother can't get along no matter how hard they try, especially when it comes to their conversations about the upcoming nuptials.

Devlyn tells Lisa that she expects nothing short of perfection on her wedding day, but Brock's mom isn't afraid to take the wind out of her sails. "Nothing's going to be perfect baby," she responds. When Devlyn says it better be, Lisa fires back: "No it's not." Brock's mother dearest doesn't appear to think highly of Devlyn, who refers to herself as the "prettiest redneck in the whole world." Lisa tells viewers: "She's not better than anymore else. Sometime she tries to act like she is."

Adding more feul to the fire, Brock's mother insists on bringing BBQ for their rehearsal dinner. "I hate BBQ. I hate it with a passion and she knows that," Devlyn declares, before accusing Lisa of acting like a monster-in-law. Lisa lets her future daughter-in-law know that she's paying, so that means she's deciding. However, Devlyn refuses to let her get the last word as their dispute continues. "He's not going to be your son anymore," she clapped back. "He'll be my husband." So where's Brock in all of this? "Devlyn can be a brat, but not to me, so it doesn't bother me," Brock admits in the confessional. We can't look away!

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