Actress Kari Matchett will be a mommy next month!

The gorgeous star of USA’s Covert Affairs confirmed she’s pregnant to Life & Style at the USA upfronts in NYC on Thursday.

“I’m due in just over a month,” the beauty, 43, tells Life & Style. “I don’t know if it’s a boy or girl, but the names are picked out.”

So how did she choose them?

“They just come to me, but they have a familial element to them,” says Kari, who plays high-ranking CIA official Joan Campbell on the international spy drama. “People of the past, but also mixing traditional with what I love.”

With just a few weeks remaining in her pregnancy, Kari admits that there's some work left to do — like setting up a nursery!

“I’ve been working my ass off,” she shares. “I have a hiatus at the beginning of June, so everything will happen then — hopefully I don’t go into labor early!”

Luckily, it’s been a beautiful time for the actress.

“I've been getting a little more tired in the third trimester now, but it’s been a very easy pregnancy,” Kari tells Life & Style. “I have no complaints."

This is the first child for the star.