Best known for her role on Law & Order, actress Elisabeth Rohm has lived her life in the spotlight for years. In the midst of a successful TV career, the blonde beauty secretly struggled with infertility. 

In an exclusive interview with Life & Style at the Step Up Inspiration Awards in Beverly Hills, the 40-year-old opens up about her hard earned win to become a mother. 

Initially planning to keep her fight to get pregnant a private matter, Elisabeth admits that the honesty of other celebrities inspired her to share her own story in her new book Baby Steps: Having the Child I Always Wanted (Just Not as I Expected).

“I’ll never forget when Nicole Kidman came out about using a surrogate and I thought that was just such a brave act,” Elisabeth recounts to Life & Style. “I’ve seen it time and time again with people like Elizabeth Banks, Brooke Shields and Angela Bassett, who’ve been forthcoming about fertility treatments. I love that they’re not afraid to tell their story.”

The book chronicles her own story, highlighting her lifelong dream of becoming a mother and the unexpected path she took to finally give birth to her now 5-year-old daughter, Easton.

“At 34, I walked into being infertile and I was flabbergasted,” Elisabeth says. “Every woman I talked to who says they have fertility issues says that they are flabbergasted, they can’t believe it. They’re shocked and we’re talking about why, but that was my experience. I was completely shocked. I was devastated.”

Through her personal account of the sacrifices she made to become a parent, Elisabeth sheds light on the hardships and triumphs that have made her the mother she is today.

“The biggest struggle was the moment I had gone through my first cycle of hormone treatments and I found out that it wasn’t good enough and I wasn’t producing enough eggs. It was the first time I really, thought, ‘I may never get pregnant, ever.’ I really have never felt anything so painfully devastating,” the star reveals. “My greatest triumph was that in my first transfer, I put four embryos in and one took and that’s my daughter, Easton.”

Elisabeth wants other women to know that those who are struggling with fertility issues are not alone. She hopes her story will resonate with others.

“I think you can inspire people by starting a conversation,” she says. “By opening up and telling your truth and hopefully eliciting a ripple effect of change.”