LOL! Gerard Butler just learned the hard way that not all women are looking for an older man.

The 47-year-old actor was recently out with friends at LA restaurant Catch, and since he's now a single man after splitting from girlfriend of two years, Morgan Brown, he tried to catch some new tail (pun intended). But he was rejected in the most humiliating way. Life & Style exclusively learned that Gerard was called out for hitting on a woman half his age.

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The source explained that Gerard "tried to make a move on a gorgeous 20-something, but he was quickly shot down. The young woman then turned to her friends and said, 'Eww, that guy was old enough to be my grandpa!'"

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Ouch! We wonder if Gerard needs some ice after that burn. To make matters worse, all of his friends overheard the embarrassing exchange, and like true pals do they proceeded to mock him for getting turned down in such a brutal way.

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"His buddies teased Gerard mercilessly and suggested he may need to change up his strategy," the source continued.

There's no denying that Gerard is easy on the eyes, plus being a famous actor has definitely worked in his favor, but apparently, that's not always enough to win over the ladies! Maybe next time he'll try hitting on a woman who's a little closer to his age… well, when his ego recovers, that is.