After all that Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale have been through, are they still cool? Depending on who you ask you’ll get different responses on whether exes can still be friends. But, it looks like if you were to ask the “Rich Girl” singer the answer would definitely be “no.” A source exclusively revealed to Life & Style that the former spouses have been in communication recently which has caused Gwen to have a meltdown.

“Gwen has gotten emotional recently after getting off the phone with Gavin,” a source explained. Apparently, her ex-husband decided to weigh-in on her relationship with Blake Shelton. “He pointed out that she and Blake had been spending a lot of time apart. He told Gwen she needs to focus on Blake and put her career on the back burner.”

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Poor Gwen! We’re sure the last thing she wants to hear from her ex is advice on how to handle her new relationship… especially after their less than amicable split two years ago. As fans remember, the former couple split after nearly 13 years of marriage because Gwen believed Gavin was cheating on her. She wanted him to stop touring so much and focus on her and their sons, Kingston, Zuma, and Apollo. And according to the source, Gavin has regrets about their marriage failing.

“He told Gwen that if he had to do it all over again,” the source continued, “he wouldn’t have spent so much time away from his family by touring. It really moved Gwen to tears.”

It’s completely understandable that Gavin’s comments made Gwen emotional. She spent over a decade with her ex-husband and we’re sure there’s still a lot of painful memories between them. Plus the source added, “Gavin really knows how to push Gwen’s buttons.” We hope Gwen will be able to put that uncomfortable phone call behind her and not let it impact her relationship with Blake!