It looks like Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber share everything — even passwords! When Scooter Braun, the pop star’s manager, took to Instagram on Wednesday, August 14, to shout out the 25-year-old for his success, the blonde beauty, 22, accidentally commented on the post using her husband’s Insta account. However, she was quick to clear the air and basically admitted she has access to his personal social media.

“Justin Bieber is now the first artist and only artist in history to have at least seven songs with over 900 million  streams on Spotify!” Scooter, 38, captioned the post. “He’s also the only artist in history to have six songs surpassing 1B streams on Spotify — soon to be seven! By the way, all without a new album in three years. Congratulations, Justin Bieber! Proud of you! More to come!”

Hailey Baldwin Scooter Braun Instagram Comments

Hailey then replied as her hubby in what seems to be a now-deleted comment and then corrected herself from her actual IG account. “Meant to type that comment on my Instagram and accidentally typed it on Justin’s LOL,” she wrote. Some fans felt strongly about the model having his personal passwords. “Give him some privacy,” one wrote. “Toxic,” commented a second person. While a third fan was quick to defend the couple. “They’re husband and wife. Of course they have each other’s accounts,” they replied.

Regardless of what anyone thinks, the pair seems to be doing just fine. Not only does it appear that way based on what they share online, but also based on what their close friend Madison Beer recently revealed. The 20-year-old singer, whom Justin discovered, recently got candid about the couple’s relationship and basically said they’re the perfect match.

“She’s everything he’s needed,” the “Hurts Like Hell” crooner told Elite Daily for its new digital issue, Back At It, which was published on Tuesday, August 6. “They were always going to end up together.”

It’s all about timing!