Did you really expect Demi Burnett to take that shade laying down? After former Bachelor in Paradise contestant Tanner Tolbert took to Twitter to slam the new Queen of Paradise for going on the show while dating someone, she had a little shade of her own to throw. Warning, there are some season spoilers ahead so beware.

It all started on August 13 when Tanner compared her to hated Bachelorette contestant Jed Wyatt, who was outed as having a girlfriend when he went on the show to win over Hannah Brown. Tanner deleted those first few tweets, but doubled down the next day. “Before filming even began I heard that Demi planned to leave the show engaged to this girl,” he tweeted. “I support Demi fully, but she could have proposed off the show. I am tired of everyone talking beforehand and pre-planning these relationships … whether it’s Demi, Blake, anyone …”

Then he followed up, writing, “Demi- Calls out a guy for going on a dating show while having a girlfriend back home on night 1 of Hannah’s season. Also Demi- goes on a dating show with a girlfriend back home and preplans to [get] engaged to her at the end of Paradise.” It didn’t take long for Demi to defend herself.

“Oh f–k off, not the same at all. Maybe I can teach you a thing or two about going down on your wife @ttolbert05,” she said, tagging the reality hunk. On Marriage Boot Camp, it was revealed that Tanner refuses to perform oral sex on his wife, Jade, so this was a particularly personal dig. He responded, “I’m always looking for ways to improve … 🙄.” He then added, “It’s not the same thing? Then how did I hear about your ‘plan’ before filming even started?”

“There was NO PLAN,” Demi shot back. “You are speaking on something you HEARD about as if it is a fact. I was 100% honest and upfront the entire time. You are a grown-ass man tweeting about rumors.” Fans did see Demi talk about the relationship with Hannah before the season, and then admit to her love interest, Derek Peth, that she was seeing someone back home but wasn’t totally sure about her yet.

Many fans agreed with Tanner, and many more agreed with Demi, but the most interesting response was from Hannah. “One is my best friend, one is my ex-fiancé … I can tell you first hand, not the same,” she wrote. Well, there ya have it, folks. Whose side are you on?