Just one day after Heather Locklear was reportedly arrested for domestic violence, the Melrose Place actress is sparking plastic surgery rumors — and we blame her less-than-flattering mugshot. The 56-year-old beauty was charged with domestic violence and assault on a police officer on Feb. 27, but it’s her transformation that has fans buzzing.

“Just saw Heather Locklear’s mug shot and thought wow she needs a makeover.” one person tweeted before another added, “The point at which plastic surgery makes you look way older than you are.” So has Heather gone under the knife? Life & Style reached out to several plastic surgery experts, and while they all agree Heather did not look her best while getting booked, she has not undergone any major cosmetic procedures.

heather locklear splash

“She’s had some filler to her lips and cheeks, and botulinum treatments to keep her skin wrinkle-free,” Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel, who has never treated Heather, told us exclusively. “In the more recent photograph after her arrest, she’s obviously not looking as well kept. She shows signs of volume loss in her cheeks and her botulinum treatments are wearing off. Once things settle down for her, we can get her looking good again.”

And Dr. Adam Hamawy, who has also never treated Heather, agrees. “Heather doesn’t look like she has done much to maintain her appearance other than Botox,” he added. “The mugshot shows a little asymmetry in her eyebrows due perhaps to more Botox on her right than her left side. Otherwise, it highlights the power of what good makeup can do.”

heather locklear getty

Previously, Heather opened up about age-defying secrets and revealed one of her NSFW tricks. “You just put semen on your face,” she told TMZ of her beauty routine in 2013. It also helps to date a plastic surgeon. Heather was linked to Dr. Marc Mani for three years before her most recent arrest.

The more you know.