It’s been 18 years since Beverly Hills, 90210 went off the air, and Tori Spelling took to Instagram on March 10 to hint that she and Jennie Garth were talking to CBS about a possible spinoff or reunion.

Ian Ziering, who played Steve Sanders on the teen drama, tells Life & Style magazine that if the project gets the green light, it'll be more than just Kelly and Donna who are on board.

"If there ever was a reunion," Ian tells Life & Style, "I'm sure that we can get the cast back together."

Ian, 54, who's currently starring on Worst Cooks in America: Celebrity Edition, says he's confident the audience will be there if the Peach Pit reopens. "It's still a very popular show. We've got the most supportive fans in all of entertainment," he says. "If we can deliver a quality product, they'll continue to tune in. It's like comfort food."

If the cast reunites, "every 90210 fan out there" will watch, Ian says.