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Girl With No Job’s Claudia Oshry Stops Ozempic After Drastic Transformation: Her Weight Loss Photos

Claudia Oshry – a.k.a. Girl With No Job – has been open with fans about her use of Ozempic for weight loss, admitting to stopping the drug in November 2023 after an incredible transformation. 

“You thought they were going to make a weight loss drug and I wasn’t going to take it?” she said in August 2023 after nearly a year of using the diabetes drug. “You’re dumb. Of course, I’m f–king taking it.”

While admitting to still continuing her weight loss journey, “The Toast” podcast host revealed in March 2024 that she’s ended her Ozempic phase. 

“I’m so hungry all the mother-f—ing time and I’m always looking for good treats cause I’m still trying to lose weight but on my own,” she said in a TikTok video. 

Claudia and her husband, Ben Soffer, who also admitted to using Ozempic, look incredible as they continue on their health journey.