He’s there for the highs and lows. Dakota Johnson recently revealed that she’s struggled with depression for nearly two decades — and that her boyfriend of six years, Chris Martin, has proven the ultimate support. The 34-year-old recalled a recent episode when she was having a low day, and the Coldplay frontman, 46, expressed compassion. “That moment lifted my heart, and it pulled me out of it,” she shared. An insider exclusively reveals to Life & Style that Chris has long been Dakota’s rock. “He’s able to lift her spirits with his humor and wisdom. He’s a very sensitive guy.” Rather than tell Dakota — the daughter of Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson and a super-successful actress — that she has nothing to be depressed about, Chris listens. “When she’s feeling down, she can count on him being there. They talk things out,” continues the insider. “He’ll even go to therapy with her if she wants. He cares that much.”