A powerful message with a side of sex appeal! What could be better than that? Model Iskra Lawrence took to Instagram on Monday, August 5 — a.k.a. National Underwear Day — to share a very important reminder with fans. 

Happy National Undie Day. Happy love yourself everyday. Happy embracing the real you everyday. Happy making peace with your imperfections that are actually what make you perfectly you everyday,” the U.K. babe, 28, captioned the video of herself dancing around in her skivvies. “Happy to be alive, present and so filled with love and light.”

Unsurprisingly, Iskra’s followers were extremely thankful for the sentiment. “I adore you!!! Such a beautiful soul! Keep shining,” one user gushed. “Thanks for making me feel good about myself and the size I am. I always thought I had to be skin and bones to be loved, but now, I have someone that sees the beauty past my size and I see myself as beautiful!” added another. 

A third user chimed in with, “Obsessed with you!” while a fourth echoed, “You inspire me not to be ashamed of my cellulite or my curves — to appreciate natural feminine beauty. Thank you!” Of course, this is hardly the first time that Iskra has encouraged her followers to embrace their natural beauty. In fact, on July 26, the body positivity activist started a body pledge on social media.

For Iskra, her skin has always been her biggest insecurity. So, she decided to do something about it. “From this day forward, I pledge to stop calling my skin bad, to stop covering it to mask myself because I feel I’m not good enough otherwise. I pledge to stop retouching my skin and embrace my imperfections, because I’m beautiful just the way I am,” she wrote.

Needless to say, we *so* appreciate everything Iskra does. Keep inspiring the world around you, girl!

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