We’re sure Santa’s gotten weirder requests!

In a hilarious throwback Thursday (#TBT) post, model-turned-actress Jaime King shared a photo of her younger self modeling on the runway. Under the pic, she wrote, “Dear Santa- may I please have my teenage sized breasts back?

jaime king

“I’ve been a good girl. I had a baby (14-month-old son James) and I’m a great mom. I work hard and I have been really nice this year- love you, bye! Jaime King, BH, Ca,” she added, including her city and state for Santa’s convenience!

The post was followed up by a second one that has since been deleted. In the message, Jaime hit back at Internet trolls who call her too skinny.

jaime king

Jaime, at two separate events in October, has often been criticized for being too thin (Photo Credit: Getty Images (2))

“Dear Santa…To all the negative meanies that cluelessly say things like ‘eat a f—ing hamburger!’ Can you please deliver them a f— ton of coal and my lifetime’s worth of hamburger wrappers in their stocking because we both know hamburgers are a food group to me,” she wrote, according to the Daily Mail.

“It would be fun for me if for my present you could deliver me Polaroid evidence,” she added.

We hope you get both your Christmas wishes, Jaime — though now we’re strangely craving hamburgers…