Country king Jason Aldean’s tone-deaf complaints about how tough it is being so rich have hit a sour note with fans. In a recent interview, the “Try That in a Small Town” singer, 47, whined his $80 million fortune means he owns so much stuff it’s hard to keep track of it all!

Jason and wife Brittany have five homes, including a $10 million oceanfront estate in Florida and a $5 million Nashville mansion. And with so many pads, he needs a whole fleet of vehicles.

“When you got multiple houses, you have to keep cars at those houses,” he moans. “Like, I can’t go to my house in Florida and not have a car to drive, so I have to have a car down there.”

“It’s actually kind of annoying when you go into our mud room, where all the keys are. It’s like you’re digging through to find yours. It’s kind of annoying, actually.”

A country music insider exclusively tells Life & Style that Aldean is harming his reputation singing the poor me blues, especially since many of his fans don’t have the luxury to bask in a multi-million dollar lifestyle! “Folks these days don’t want to hear ‘more money, more problems’ stories from rich superstars,” the insider sighs.

“Garth Brooks is as rich as a Saudi king, but you never hear him talk about the stuff he owns,” the insider explains to Life & Style. “Jason is a good guy, but it turns off fans to hear him bellyaching about owning too many cars and not being able to find the keys!”