Ben Affleck may no longer be married to Jennifer Garner, but clearly the mother of his children still has huge influence over him. On Aug. 22, she was seen driving her car with him in the back seat, and Radar reports they were on their way to an L.A. County rehab center where he plans to get help. 

Jen arrived at his home in the Pacific Palisades around 4 p.m. the same day “with a woman believed to be her attorney” to make a dire plea for him to go to a treatment center. Apparently she didn’t have to do much convincing, as he agreed he had a problem and would willingly accept the help. she left and returned 30 minutes later to make the drive.  

ben affleck

Ben Affleck on Aug. 16 (Credit: Getty Images)

An x17 eyewitness said, “Ben was a mess; he was talking but you couldn’t understand what he was saying. Jen was just serious. She looked like she was holding back tears, but at the same time she looked upset. Seems like it’s not the first time she’s had to do this.”

“She reversed the car into the driveway and whisked Ben into the back seat,” the source continued. “He was sweaty, puffy, looking quite out of it. Jen rested her chin on her hand as she drove and just looked ahead.”


Jen Garner and her three kids (Credit: Getty Images)

Radar explained that he fell off the wagon earlier this year, and was caught with beer bottles outside of his house earlier today. He also went to rehab last winter after people spotted him drinking again at an event with his new girlfriend, Saturday Night Live writer Lindsay Shookus. It seems he and Lindsay have since split, because he has been seen partying with a 22-year-old Playboy model in recent days.

Ben and Jen announced their separation in 2015, but many fans held out hope for a reunion until they finally filed for divorce in April 2017. Though their marriage didn’t work out, they still clearly have a close relationship, and co-parent their three children together. Hopefully, for their sakes, his treatment is successful. He went many years sober after going to rehab in 2001, hopefully this time will stick.