Fans of Dancing With the Stars can’t seem to get over Jenna Johnson’s weight loss transformation! It’s clear the pro dancer has a fit physique, but how does she maintain her slim figure? The 24-year-old — who is currently partnered with Olympian Adam Rippon — revealed to New Beauty how she went from a size 8 to a size 4.

According to Jenna, it’s all about having a consistent routine. “I know that if I don’t work out in the mornings before my day gets started, I won’t get to the gym at all that day,” she explained. “For me, I have to do it right after I wake up! It gets my day started and helps me to stay motivated for the rest of the day.” The star admits she usually works out six days a week and likes to spend Sundays relaxing.

See before-and-after photos of Jenna Johnson’s weight loss transformation below.

jenna johnson before and after weight loss

Jenna’s go-to workout is cardio, and she likes to “incline walk/run on the treadmill for 40 minutes and then walk the stair master on level 10 for another 10 minutes.” After that, the dancer does “20 push-ups and then 100 crunches on a medicine ball.”

But what’s Jenna’s biggest weight loss tip? Cut out sweets! “I had a hard time admitting to myself that I was addicted to sweets,” she shared. “Once I finally realized that was my vice, I completely cut it out for 30 days to try and clean myself of all processed sugar. After that, I slowly incorporated moderate amounts of sugar into my everyday lifestyle.” Ultimately, Jenna says everything is in moderation, but suggests substituting caffeine intakes with healthier options, like kombucha.

Lastly, Jenna says she found success when she was “conscious of [her] diet.” She admits she gained a lot of weight by “binge eating treats and sugar at night,” but it also made her “super depressed.” She realized she had to get back on track and met with nutritionists to help her live a healthier lifestyle. “Believe me, any time chocolate is in a 50-foot radius, I am the first one to grab a piece and eat it! But now I eat everything in moderation, and when I deserve a sweet treat, I allow myself to have it,” she said. “It’s amazing how when you feel healthy from the inside out, you show it.”