Remember when Ivana Trump called Donald Trump‘s fellow ex-wife Marla Maples a “disgrace” and said she had “no class” for appearing on Dancing With the Stars? Well, apparently she had a change of heart, because the mother-of-three just appeared on Ballando con le Stelle, the Italian version of DWTS on Saturday night.

Ivana strutted her stuff with her partner Samuel Peron in what Page Six reported was a “partially see-through red dress,” despite once saying, “I wouldn’t go on that show, dancing in those tiny dresses with the boobs and butt hanging out.” My, how the tables have turned.

She was met with thunderous applause when she stepped onto the stage — which is probably more than POTUS would have received. While her fellow ex-husband Rossano Rubicondi also made an appearance on the series, Donald probably would have been better for ratings.

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“The showgirl appeared on DWTS when (because) her ex-husband was running for president! It was disrespectful to do the show. I never would have embarrassed Donald that way,” she wrote in her 2017 book, Raising Trump. She also insisted at the time that she was offered multiple chances to do the American show — and was even “offered a mint” to participate. Maybe this time she was offered a slice of pizza, or spaghetti.

Ivana was married to The Apprentice alum from 1977 until 1992 and they have three children together — a 36-year-old daughter, Ivanka, 34-year-old son, Eric, and their eldest, 40-year-old son Donald Jr. Her marriage was infamously destroyed by Marla, who had an affair with Donald during his time with Ivana — so they don’t exactly get along. At least now they have something else in common.