It’s been a whirlwind since Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez announced their engagement on March 9. The pop star, 49, made an appearance on SiriusXM on April 4, and spilled some juicy details about her relationship with the baseball legend, 43, including when she knew he was her forever person.

When asked when was the moment she knew he was the one, J. Lo recalled it wasn’t right away. “Probably a year in,” she said. “I was just saucin’ it out. I was like, ‘maybe yes, maybe no. I really love him. I like him.'”

Then, she revealed she began to worry when things felt too good to be true right away. “Everything just seemed too perfect too soon. So it almost made me go like ‘hey, wait, what’s happening?’ Let me just wait a second,” she said. “When it happened, I think it was the right time. We both knew,” she admitted.

Prior to that, she confessed what makes their bond so special has to do with their similar outlook on work and life. “It’s great to have a best friend and a partner you can really build with, and I just feel like with Alex and I, that’s what it’s like,” she gushed. “We’re both very similar, like we were talking about that this morning on the treadmill.”

The power couple are on the same wavelength, which is why their relationship works out so great. “It was just having somebody who understands you from the inside as far as like, ‘I really want to work hard. I really love what I do, and I really want to work hard at it and understand that,” she continued.

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“It doesn’t mean I don’t love you. We love each other, but we’re doing this together. It’s just a thing. It’s one of those things — you meet a like-minded person who is trying to be the best they can be and always trying to grow and then they help you grow and you help them grow. I’m better here and he’s better here, and together we make each other better,” she concluded. That sounds like the perfect recipe for an amazing marriage!